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The term "Frogeye" or "Bugeye" has for many years been applied as a nick-name to the Mk I Austin Healey Sprite. There is however a car called the Frogeye, it is the Healey Frogeye, built by the Frogeye Car Company (FCC) in the Isle of Wight.

The Healey component of the name reflects the role of Geof Healey, the developer of the original Mk I Sprite. Geof Healey worked with Keith Bradding, owner of the Frogeye Car Company, to develop an updated version which eventually featured modern day units to replace components such as the engine, gearbox and rear axle, without losing any of the character.

The Healey Frogeye features an exceptionally well made Fibreglass body with Kevlar re-inforcements, bolted to a galvanised steel tubular chassis. All the mechanical trim from the original (or later Sprite/Midgets) are used.

The first Healey Frogeyes were sold as "Restoration assemblies" and required the front cross-member of the donor to be supplied to the factory so that it could be incorporated into the chassis. Later FCC produced only complete cars, mainly for the Japanese market.

With investment from Japan, the cars were progressively developed so that all the major units were currently available. In addition to the A Series, chassis' were available that would take the Rover K Series or the Ford CVH. Gearboxes could be the Spritget box,  or 5 speed units from Toyota or Ford.

This web site has been inspired by my own Healey Frogeye - "Elmo" and contains details of the original build and its rebuild 10 years later.

If you have a Healey Frogeye, please let me know and I will add a section to the site so that we can keep track of the cars.

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